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Car donation to aid SunnyKids work all over the Coast
Monday, January 08, 2018
LOCAL charity SunnyKids has received an early Christmas present this year from KAWANA to help support SunnyKids’ vital work with vulnerable children throughout the Sunshine Coast.

The company has mobilised the donation of a new Toyota Yaris, professionally wrapped with eye catching graphic signage to enable the SunnyKids team to reach families across the region.

KAWANA Director Shane Moroney has long been a major supporter of SunnyKids and said his personal experience motivated him to give back.

“As a kid I was just finishing Year 1 in Gympie when my parents lost absolutely everything and that memory has stuck with me all my life; the bank came and grabbed the lot and we moved back down the Coast and lived in a caravan in the front yard of family friends,” he said.

“I never went without clothes or food, but I knew we were living off the bare minimum and it was the support of friends and family for my parents that got them through the hard times and back on their feet.”

Now a father himself, Shane says he is very aware of just how important charities like SunnyKids are, working to support disadvantaged and at risk children.

“To now be able to support other families really means a lot to me,” he said.

“I can appreciate that everyone loves to give to a charity and know where their money goes and so I jumped at the chance to give SunnyKids a safe and reliable car so their support team can reach and assist more families.”

SunnyKids’ CEO Chris Turner said the new car will make a huge difference by ensuring more team members were on the road more of the time.

“It is important that we can access people when they need us and a lot of our work is not possible without the support of caring people and businesses like Shane and his team at KAWANA,” Chris said.

“It’s a very big gift and it will really matter - we are very grateful for this car and we will be, every day.”

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