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Connecting the Community – How the SK Virtual Village works.
Thursday, April 16, 2015

SunnyKids ‘Virtual Village’ model continues to provide desperately needed support to families under pressure.

Very often the very systems that are designed to support families under pressure, are simply too complicated and confusing for families to even begin to understand how to get the help they need.

Recently we met ‘David and Sandy’ along with their newborn child and her nine siblings! Three of the children have disabilities, including a young boy with ADHD, Autism and Epilepsy who has been waiting for an appointment to see a Paediatrician for 11 months. Of course the more time that goes by, the more challenges the family faced and the more pressure they came under, culminating in the boy’s suspension from school. Enter SunnyKids: Through our community networks SunnyKids managed to obtain an appointment with a Paediatrician within 3 weeks and the Doctor was able to successfully adjust the boy’s medication. Through his family simply being able to access the right support at the right time, the outcome for everyone was life changing. Mum reported that for the first time she felt her concerns were addressed and her son’s health needs met. In addition, SunnyKids helped secure permanent additional funding to the special Ed unit at the boy’s school for his ongoing support. The icing on the cake was that we also secured desperately needed respite care and has taken the pressure off for the next six weeks while everyone gets back on his or her feet.

At SunnyKids we often find the resources are there, and that people really do want to help – the challenge is being able to connect people in need with the right support(s) at the right time. ‘Sandy and David’s’ story is another great example of SunnyKids leading an at risk family and their ‘Village’ to the right resources at the right time. Together we were able to ensure a young boy, his family, school and community all got the chance to continue to be the best that they could be.

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