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Short-term help for long-term gains
Thursday, April 23, 2015

Recently we met ‘Linda’ - a Mum with 5 children who needed help because she had no food for her family. Thankfully we were able to organise short-term emergency food relief. With her presenting crisis need met, we were able to spend more time with Mum to explore why she had no money for food in the first place. As it turned out, Mum and her 5 kids had fled the family home over 2 months prior due to Domestic & Family Violence. Since then they had been doing what they could to survive including sleeping rough with little food and no real shelter from day to day. 

Thankfully 2 days after we first met ‘Linda’, we were able to provide the six of them with accommodation at the SunnyKids refuge. With their food and shelter needs now met, Mum is now able to start sorting things out so that she can start building the kind of future they all deserve. Stay tuned to hear more about Linda’s story over coming months.

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